Sunday, October 27, 2013

Ten Reasons We Love Vampires

While preparing for the release of my new novel, Life Bites: A Jay Watson Mystery, I got to thinking about why we love vampires. They are, after all, one of the coolest monsters in our literature and movies. And no matter how many vampire stories we have read or viewed, it’s like eating potato chips--we always have room for one more.

1. Hang out in Cool Lairs
First of all, vampires live their undead lives in some of the coolest real estate. The lost boys hung out in a sunken hotel. Barnabas Collins dwelt in a stately gothic mansion.  And Count Dracula had a castle. No other monsters had such distinctive dwellings, well maybe the Munsters. I always loved their old mansion, but then again grandpa Munster was a vampire.

2. Seductive
Vampires are portrayed as romantic creatures. From Edward Cullen to Barnabas Collins, to the vampire Lestat, to Dracula himself, vampires are cast as sexual beings. I must admit I never got this. Even Salma Hayek in Dusk Till Dawn and Kate Beckinsale in Underworld didn’t make me want to get all nasty with a dead thing. It’s kinda gross if you really think about it. But I must admit Salma and Kate did present compelling images. Let’s face it, they feed by giving the ultimate hickey.

3. Hypnotic Power
Maybe reason number 2 in our list is highly influenced by the fact that these creatures of the night can hypnotize there partners into feeling amorous. Chris Sarandon’s Jerry Dandridge in the original Fright Night displayed his powers of persuasion on Amy Peterson in one of the most awesome vampire dance scenes. 

4. Suave
Again Chris Sarandon’s Jerry Dandridge  was smooth with the ladies. As well as the many incarnations of Dracula. And the vampire Lestat became a rock star, how cool is that?

5. They Are Rich
Because vampires live a long time and have few expenses, they tend to amass large fortunes. It also doesn’t hurt that Dracula was a count. Of all the dark denizens, vampires tend to be the royalty.

6. Stylish Dressers
Unlike their lower-class undead friends, zombies, vampires tend to dress in upscale outfits. Because they have wealth, they can afford tailors. Even hanging around the castle Dracula wore a tux and cape.

7. Super Strength
Like superman, we usually think of vampires wearing capes, at least Dracula did. Also like superman, vampires are unnaturally strong. In Blade’s case, he is a type of super hero vampire. Let’s face it--super strength rocks.

8. Ultimate Bad Boys
Vampires live outside the law. They take what they want and don’t follow even the laws of nature. Lost Boys were cool biker types, and the vampires in Dusk Till Dawn hung out in a strip club. And let’s not even get started on Eric and Bill in the Sookie Stackhouse series.

9. Like the Night Life
Most vampires only come out at night. I know Dracula could move around during the day, but his powers were limited. Monsters that prowl the night have that added scariness of coming after you out of the darkness when you are out of your element and they are in theirs.

10. Immortal
The fact that vampires have survived death and continue to function even after they died is their number one selling point. By living out an immortal existence they can experience countless ages. While some vampires see this as a curse, we the fans love that vampires are ageless and timeless.