Sunday, June 30, 2013

Devil's Den

Anyone who has read my previous blogs or my first novel, Shepherd’s Fall, knows I love a spooky story. So, when a novel starts at night on the Gettysburg battlefield, I’m hooked. Especially when the hero hears marching feet, and pounding hooves, and his guest vanishes, you know I’m in for the ride.

Don Helin’s Devil’s Den starts on this eerie note, and then takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride of suspense and mystery.

Colonel Zack Kelly is a well drawn hero who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder from his three tours in Afghanistan. Despite Zack’s issues, he rises to the challenge of discovering what happened to Blake Lannigan that night in Gettysburg. His investigation takes him on a whirlwind journey to Washington, Ireland, and back to Washington to unravel the mystery.

Don Helin creates a suspense novel that draws on his own knowledge of Washington and the Gettysburg location to immerse the reader in Zack Kelly’s world.

I enjoyed Devil’s Den and look forward to more of Zack Kelly’s adventures.

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